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Featuring®has been a concept for over 14+ years. Our mission: To provide social and economic food and hospitality services that will stabilize and grow economies in communities by employing and training people in challenging circumstances; so that they may become successful in their lives while becoming independent contributors to society.


We will hire people who were recently incarcerated, train them to be Chefs, and train them on how to run and operate a restaurant. Our high-quality low-cost cafe will “Feature” a seasonal point of view presented by top industry chefs that will serve as the curriculum for the culinary center. There will also be a fundamental curriculum on the basic and classical techniques of cooking and food prep, front-of-the-house operations, and facilities management. Immediately following our training program our trainees will be able to work with other partners in the industry while growing their careers.


Featuring The Center for Culinary Arts restaurant and culinary training facility will support people who need a tangible way to reincorporate themselves into the economy successfully with a trade that will be transferrable around the country. In addition to the restaurant and training program, we are also going to partner with other organizations to help people and communities that are affected by natural/economic disasters.

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