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Our Mission:
"To provide social and economic opportunities through food and hospitality services that will stabilize and grow economies in communities by employing and training people in challenging circumstances; where they may become successful in their lives while becoming independent contributors to society."


Support Social Equity
Support Local Purveyors
Support for Relief Efforts; in the country
and around the world through food


Featuring Culinary Arts Chefs
About Us
The concept of Featuring, The Center for Culinary Arts derived from a desire to provide opportunities for people to restore their lives through high-end culinary training and restaurant operations. Our consumers will engage in an elegant and high-end dining experience while supporting the restoration of lives and communities.
Harlem Culinary Arts, President
Arnyce Foster-Hernandez - MBA – President and Executive Chef

Arnyce is the Founder and Executive Chef of Featuring, The Center for Culinary Arts. After graduating from culinary school in 2007 she performed her externship in Toulouse, France. She has over three decades of working in management for NYC and NYS governments. She has managed multimillion-dollar personnel and expense budgets. Arnyce began her pursuit of entrepreneurship when she created a business model back in 2007 that inspired the non-profit Featuring, The Center for Culinary Arts. Featuring celebrates the culture and history of southern french cuisine inspired by New Orleans. The motivation for Featuring is derived from her life mission to help people who have challenges gaining employment to become independent and successful contributors in their communities by employment and providing high-level culinary and restaurant operations training.

Board of Directors
Director of the Board
Rev. Dr. Odell Montgomery- Cooper – Vice President

Rev. Dr. Odell is the Founder/President of Interruptions Disrupting The Silence, LLC, which is dedicated to disrupting the silence of trauma by providing a pathway of healing through the creative arts, educational platforms, and shared stories. Rev. Dr. Odell advocates for Mental Health, Gun Violence, and Social Justice issues that impact communities of color.  


Rev. Dr. Odell worked with ConnCAT in 2015 which provides job-training programs intended to give under-employed adults the skills needed to secure meaningful, well-paying jobs in the health sciences and culinary professions. 

Board of Directors
Board of Directors
Courtney Foster -
BAA–Secretary/Recording Secretary

Courtney Foster Beauty is owned and operated by Courtney Foster, a Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Hair Loss Practitioner, and Cosmetology Educator. Courtney is the owner of a full-service salon where the emphasis is on scalp and hair health through educating clients that “The BEAUTY of Hair begins with Health". Courtney’s recent release of her E-Book Cookbook “The Beautiful Hair Diet” consists of recipes that promote healthy hair and hair growth.


Dear Donor,


Thank you for your generous donation to Featuring, The Center for Culinary Arts,
a non-profit organization whose mission is made possible having supporters like you.


Your donation contributes to our mission to help people reestablish themselves back in their respective communities while growing and sustaining the economy. We are also planning to partner with other organizations and local small businesses to utilize their food and produce products, highlight their businesses, and provide support to organizations that are conducting disaster relief efforts during pandemics, natural disasters, and/or world events that affect mass amounts of people. Our trainees will embody the skills and confidence needed to be of value to themselves and to whomever they work with executing our goals and missions.


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